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Unmaintained Disallow Recent Activities Page for Guests 1.0.1

Disallow Recent Activities Page for Guests

  1. ragtek
    This addon will disallow your guests to view the "recent activities page" (it will show an "You must be logged-in to do that" error)

    If you want to support me and the development of free future add-ons, you can donate any value to my paypal account
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  1. Disallow Recent Activities for Guests

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  1. Adam Howard
    Adam Howard
    Version: 1.0.0
    Encouraging guest to sign up and/or actually read, not skim through notices, but also for members to sign in and not lurk in the background. A signed in member is most likely to take part in the community vs someone not signed in. This is most useful. ----- Thanks for this one ;)
    1. ragtek
      Author's Response
      you didn't test the addon?

      my automation tool sucks:(

      it was coded, the test was passed, but it didn't work:D
      the event listener wasn't attached to the addon xml file...:(

      upgrade is comming in 5 seconds