Dice Roller

Dice Roller 2.2.2

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  • Harden template modifications to better handle install/upgrades
  • Fix "throw dice" button not rendering as expected for XF2.1
v2.1.0 changes;
  • Fix potentially expensive thread dice count rebuild would be triggered after each dice roll
  • Rework dice rolling to be more transactional, and reduce unneeded queries during dice rolls
v2.2.0 changes;
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  • Remove "Enable dice" option as this add-on is permission controlled
  • Fix php7+ compatibility when merging posts, posts where the destination post does not have a dice but a source post does.
  • Improve dice rendering (add shading to give a better 3d feel), tweak fonts
  • Improve dice coloring to better work on both light & dark styles
This add-on appears to have no compatibility issues with XF2.1
  • Adjust public route(dice => dice-roller) to avoid name-clashes
  • Rework installer to better handle XF1 => XF2 upgrades
  • Add resource icon
  • Avoid N+1 queries per post
  • Allow multiple dice to be rolled at once when adding a dice set
  • Fix not being able to add dice to a thread without dice
  • Allow guests to see dice