Diagonal shadow under sidebar blocks

Unmaintained Diagonal shadow under sidebar blocks v1

No permission to download
This is a great little snippet, works really well, and adds depth to flat looking forum.

One issue is the shading is not on a transparent background, so it only works well on the default colour.
Easy to add to my site and it looks outstanding.
Good job Shelley, I like!
The download shadow isn't as big as what is supplied in the picture, but it looks great non the less.
Thanks for the review. I have a few variations of this and will look out for the other shadows and post them as soon as I locate those. (have so many psds on my HD they're hard to find) :P
Thank you
works great thanks ...
awesome graphics!
gives a great 3D-effect to the sidebar elements!
This works great! Thank you so much for this!