Delete Posts

Delete Posts 2.1

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Delete Posts v2.1 changes:

Updated a phrase.
Delete Posts v2.0 changes:

Added additional error check code to PHP file.
Delete Posts v1.9 changes:

Added error message if username not found.
Delete Posts v1.8 changes:

Updated PHP and template code. No longer requires disabling Show Deleted add-on to use this add-on.
Delete Posts v1.7 changes:

Added information to Delete Posts Confirm page.
Delete Posts v1.6 changes:

Added additional dialog page "Delete Posts Confirm" so the admin can easily verify the posts that will be deleted.
Delete Posts v1.5 changes:

1) People using this add-on were reporting they received an error message at random number of post deletes. This version corrects this issue.

Requires copying library/Andy/DeletePosts folder to server and upgrading the XML file.
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Delete Posts v1.4 changes:

1) Added check for Limit=0
2) Added check to make sure Show Deleted add-on is disabled

Full upgrade required.
Delete Posts v1.3 changes:

Added option to limit the number of posts to delete at one time.
Delete Posts v1.2 changes:

1) Packaged incorrectly, didn't show library directory
2) Version was incorrectly identified