[DBTech] DragonByte Shop

[DBTech] DragonByte Shop 6.0.4

No permission to buy ($24.95)
I have been using DBTech's shop and credits addons for years by this point, originally on vBulletin and now especially on XenForo when Decado, the Founder of DBTech went out of his way to manually include features such as multiple shop ownership, taxation and the ability for users to upload their own item images when he became aware that my community, then on vBulletin were feeling discouraged.

The Xenforo version of DBTech's Shop offering is without, peerless in this area. It makes multiple shop ownership not just possible, but fluid and seamless in its integration. Permissions on an item-per-item basis are robust and it is lightweight yet powerful.

It integrates nicely with Credits, and coupled with Xenforo's native trophy system, provides a fantastic achievements system that makes it worthwhile for your community to spend the time using it.
The updates keep getting better and better, it's a blast using this add-on because not only do you get amazing support by the author, you also get frequent updates and the developer actually listens to the customers needs and adds features that are asked for.

The permission changes were fantastic, and the changes to inventory on profile view too. Keep up the great work!
Excellent update which includes new usergroup permissions. It worked as it should. Thank you DragonByte Tech for implementing my suggestions. Keep it up!
Best add-on for those looking for a shop to sell virtual items. Since I moved from vB, I waited 6 years for a good shop. Thank you DragonByte Tech for converting and releasing this amazing add-on for XenForo. Great customer support, Fillip helped a lot on resolving any issues I reported. It work very well and our users loved it. Thank you Fillip, wish you all the best.
The add-on is excellent to begin with, and with its continued development and rock-solid support by DragonByte Tech it's even better. The latest update added visual improvements and provided bug fixes to certain issues reportedly quite quick!

People who say there's lack of good developers on XenForo should definitely have a look at DBTech, probably a one-stop journey to find a developer for custom projects and paid add-ons. Keep up the great work!
Fantastic update with nifty new features and fixes to some bugs that we reported, we are very happy with the developer response and are glad that we purchased this - even if a problem/bug pops up, it is fixed in a timely manner. Keep it up!
I needed a shop to sell virtual items, and this combined with the credits sysyem works a treat. Still learning all it has to offer, but Dragonbyte tech has been patient, and helped no end.
Excellent update, had a minor request to show wallet information on trade page and was added immediately, and another issue was also fixed. I'm really happy with my purchase and look forward to using the add-on for a long time ahead. Thanks DragonByte!
A lovely add-on, it fit our requirements and has MORE options than we require, giving us the freedom to grow how we manage our shop in the future with new exclusive items for our community.

I've purchased this just yesterday, there was a minor issue with verification but that was sorted out by the support team once we reached out to them. Set it up today and styled it to our requirement, currently have a couple of questions that I've opened a ticket with DragonByte to sort out. I am satisfied with the product, and satisfied with their customer service too.

Keep it up!
An excellent add-on with fantastic support. The developer is very responsive and quick to reply to questions and suggestions and address bugs. The add-on itself has a lot of great features and is very flexible.
What separates this from other shop addons is the fact that it caters to the more creative side with item types and additions. It's great for forums looking for a special touch or unique features, or gaming/RP forums. The developer is very active and actually listens to suggestions. I highly recommend this addon and the people who are behind it!
The latest version has improved an already AMAZING addon, probably my favorite store addon for any software.
great addon and amazing customer support, DBTech spent fixed an issue i had, provided a hotfix before 7am in the morning despite issue not being their addons fault! thats amazing!
Finally purchased this lifetime product access. Can't wait this product can be integrated with the credit application.
This is a great add-on with many features. Despite the fact it is still in beta and I took that risk when purchasing, the developer has worked directly with me to resolve issues and to get things working with my existing setup (lots of customization on my forum/server). I've NEVER had better support on Xenforo or elsewhere!