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[DBTech] DragonByte eCommerce 1.6.0

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Update highlights

This release contains a major new feature as well as other fixes & enhancements.

The biggest news is the inclusion of guest orders. If this feature is enabled, and a user's cart does not contain any digital products, the checkout process will be altered so that registration / login is no longer required.

As mentioned, this feature only works for physical products. A shopping cart will automatically switch back to requiring a forum account regardless of whether guest orders have been enabled.

In other news, background work has started for compatibility with the new API system in XenForo 2.1.
Prior to the release of XF 2.1, and for a period after the stable release of XF 2.1, the API system will be in use here @ DBTech to add support for the "Install & Upgrade" product. After we're confident in the security and stability of the system, full support will be added to the public release (which will then require XF 2.1 to run).

Last on the list of changes; some CSS classes have been added to aid in customising the product information sidebar.

A couple discovered bugs have also been resolved.

If you want the full details on the v1.2.0 release, you can check it out here: https://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/store/dragonbyte-ecommerce.371/release/1747/

Complete Change Log

Feature: Guest orders (physical products only)
Feature: Added a setting for enabling the API system [placeholder for XF 2.1 feature]
Change: Added CSS classes to various elements in the product information sidebar
Fix: The phrase "mod_log.dbtech_ecommerce_product_prefix" was missing from the system
Fix: Fixed a HTML validation issue with the product information sidebar
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Update highlights

This release is a major update with over half a dozen new features and enhancements 🎉

The most visually apparent feature can be seen here: https://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/store/dragonbyte-credits.339/ - the new Rating Circle feature. A new per-style option has been added that lets you toggle between this Rating Circle and the old stars-only approach.

In the AdminCP, you can see a new "Income statistics" link under the "Logs" sub-header. This is essentially an in-depth version of the default XenForo statistics graph that shows overall income - you can break it down by product by selecting up to 15 products to view graphs for.

If you're running a site that uses the Commissions feature to reward people for creating products for you, you now have new permissions available that let these users see their projected and past income via a new button in the front-end when viewing their own author profile.
This front-end display is essentially the same as what you see in the AdminCP when combining the commission overview page for any given person, as well as the "Find outstanding payments" page.
If you don't want your commissioned users to see this, simply turn it off via the user group permissions. You as the admin can always see the information in the AdminCP.

Last of the major features is the ability to switch product information posts from always starting a new thread to optionally replying to an existing thread. This setting is set per-category.
If you choose to switch to replies, the first thread posted by the product will become the parent discussion thread, and future updates will post a new post in this thread. As best we could, we've updated existing products with existing discussion thread IDs during the upgrade process.

Various discovered bugs have also been resolved.

Lastly, we've added an install-upgrade.json file in preparation for compatibility with the [TH] Install & Upgrade add-on.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Product Count, License Count, Amount Spent and Is License Distributor criteria can now be used when searching for users
Feature: Income statistics are now available in the AdminCP, showing a breakdown of income per product as well as the total overall income
Feature: Users with the appropriate permissions can now see their own income stats if they receive commissions from sold products
Feature: You can now choose between new thread and reply to existing thread when updating products
Feature: A new per-style "rating circle" has been added as an alternative way of displaying the review / rating information on the product page. (thanks to Nulumia for providing the code).
Change: Various "delete" actions in the AdminCP have been reworked slightly
Change: Added install-upgrade.json
Fix: It is now possible to leave a review for a digital product that does not have a download associated with it
Fix: The "New products" widget would not respect the category limitations as intended
Fix: The "Sale" banner would not display correctly in RTL language styles
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Update highlights

This release is a minor release that simply removes extra debug output that was accidentally left in the Checkout page.

Complete Change Log

Fix: Removed debug output accidentally left in the Checkout template
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Update highlights

This release contains a few new features as well as various tweaks and fixes.

There's a new setting that allows you to toggle the "Income" block displayed on the AdminCP home page, should you wish to disable it.

The "Downloads" page under the "Digital products" header can now be searched in a similar way to how the various logs can be searched, with the ability to filter by release date range, download state (visible, deleted, moderated) and of course, the product.

Lastly on the list of things worth mentioning, the product pricing row has been fixed after XF 2.0.10 rejigged some CSS that made it not render properly.

Complete Change Log

Feature: The "Income" block in the AdminCP can now be disabled via a new setting
Feature: Downloads are now searchable in the AdminCP, similar to log pages
Change: When a staff member downloads a licensed product from another user's license list, the staff member will no longer auto-watch the product
Change: Breadcrumbs have been added for the various "delete" overlays, making navigation easier if these overlays are instead opened in a new tab
Change: The "Add license" button now uses the "call to action" colour to distinguish it from other buttons on that page
Fix: Fixed a CSS issue with the product pricing row after the XF 2.0.10 update
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Update highlights

This update fixes a couple issues from the previous update that resulted in billing address requirements not being applied as intended, as well as other minor display issues across the checkout page. Sorry about that 😔

These issues were hotfixed in the existing v1.1.2 download as soon as they were discovered, so they may not apply to you depending on when you downloaded & installed v1.1.2.

Furthermore, a missing phrase in the "Email Stop" system for order reminder emails has been added.

Lastly, the "Downloads" area in the AdminCP will now only load 20 downloads per page, as opposed to 300, improving performance.

Complete Change Log

Change: The "Downloads" AdminCP area no longer attempts to load 300 downloads
Fix: Fixed a couple issues with orders that resulted in billing address not being required as intended
Fix: Fixed a timezone issue with the Commission Payments page
Fix: Fixed missing order reminder email phrase
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Update highlights

This update overhauls the checkout process as well as the download process for digital downloads, reducing the number of steps customers need to take.

Orders that do not contain any physical products, and has a total cost of 0 (i.e. the customer is only obtaining free licenses) will no longer require a billing address, and has a slimmed-down checkout interface.

Side note: The reason why we can't simply skip the checkout process is because we still need to record that the customer accepted the Terms of Service.

Other than a simplified checkout process, if the site uses the "Simplified download interface" option, Attachment-based downloads are no longer blocked. This means that for downloads where there are multiple attachments for any given product version, the chooser will no longer display in an overlay.

Lastly, if the site uses the "Simplified download interface" option, there's now a quick link to downloading the product, so users won't have to click the license title in order to download a new version.

Thank you for your valuable feedback and for your continued support 😁

Complete Change Log

Change: The "Simplified download interface" option is now compatible with Attachments, and the restriction has been lifted
Change: Address is no longer required if the total cost of the order is 0
Change: Invoices can no longer be generated for orders without an address
Change: Sub-total and Sales tax is no longer displayed on the Checkout screen if the total cost of the order is 0
Change: Coupon and VAT input fields are no longer displayed on the Checkout screen if the total cost of the order is 0
Change: A "Download" button has been added for all digital products in the license list
Change: A new information label has been added to the license list if required license information is missing
Change: A new error message has been added to the simplified download list interface if required license information is missing
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Update highlights

This update adds support for the minified JavaScript loading in XF2, meaning that while your site is running in production mode (i.e. not in debug mode), the JavaScript files loaded will be much smaller.
  • cart.js has been reduced from 5kb to 3kb
  • product_list.js has been reduced from 2kb to 1kb
  • product_pricing.js has been reduced from 5kb to 3kb
Support for minified JS for other XF2 products will be rolling out as I update them.

Complete Change Log

Change: JavaScript files served by this mod are now minified
Change: The License rebuild job now also rebuilds the license field cache
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Update highlights

We're going for gold! 🎉

After a lengthy Beta / Release Candidate stage, I'm confident enough in the stability of v1.1 to call it Gold. Thanks to everyone who has helped test v1.1!

This update contains a minor change to attachments for releases (Download Versions): You can now view these attachments while editing releases, by clicking the attachment row similar to how you would view forum attachments.

The reason why this was not possible previously is the fact that these attachments were meant to be super locked down, to ensure that no-one without a valid license could download them. Instead, I've applied a permissions check to ensure that anyone with the ability to edit that release's parent product can always view the attachment.

If you haven't yet checked out the awesomeness that is v1.1.0, you can find the full release notes here: https://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/store/dragonbyte-ecommerce.371/release/1692/

Complete Change Log

Change: It is now possible to view attachments when editing a release by clicking on the attachment
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Update highlights

This update contains a new requested feature: The ability to define temporary user group changes for digital products. You can now award user group changes that are only valid while the license is active, to be automatically removed when the license expires. If the user purchases a Lifetime upgrade (if one is available), or renews their license, the user group expiry date will also update 😄

The best part? You can retroactively apply this to your existing licenses by simply rebuilding the licenses via the "Rebuild caches" page in XenForo. You may see the groups temporarily apply to expired licenses, but if so, they will be automatically removed by XenForo later.

An important bug was also fixed; the "Amount spent" statistic was not being kept up to date when new purchases were added. The member stat that was changed in RC3 would therefore not update. This has been corrected, and all your existing users' purchases will be re-counted in the background after the update has been applied.

Lastly, the template that was missing from the "Distributors" page when attempting to delete a distributor has been located, and given a stern talking to in regards to wandering off while on the job. Impossible to find good help these days, I tell you.

If you haven't yet checked out the awesomeness that is v1.1.0, you can find the full release notes here: https://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/store/dragonbyte-ecommerce.371/release/1692/

Complete Change Log

Feature: Digital products can now have temporary user groups, which will be removed when a license expires
Fix: Fixed Amount Spent not being counted when a new purchase is made
Fix: Added missing template for deleting a distributor
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Update highlights

This update contains an important change regarding the way pricing information is displayed on product pages.

In a previous update, I changed the way pricing information was displayed when viewing the product information page within a license context. What I mean by "license context" is when the URL has icense_key=XXXXXX in it - when you click over to the product page when viewing a license.

Previously, it was not possible to purchase add-ons if the license was a "lifetime" license (where it wouldn't make sense to display renewal information). That change wrapped the pricing display in a check for whether it was possible to purchase a renewal option for that particular license.

This had the unintended side-effect of not displaying the pricing information in certain other scenarios, which has now been corrected.

Furthermore, this update contains an update to the Member Stats blocks for "Most licenses" and "Amount spent", changing the required permissions to a more appropriate one.

Lastly, this update resolves an amount of reported issues with the XR Product Manager importer, as well as other assorted issues.

If you haven't yet checked out the awesomeness that is v1.1.0, you can find the full release notes here: https://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/store/dragonbyte-ecommerce.371/release/1692/

Complete Change Log

Change: Always display pricing information if no license context exists
Change: Updated the template modification that displayed the copyright footer for increased reliability
Fix: Fixed an issue where per-product discounts could not be edited
Fix: Fixed issues with various "field-adders" (e.g. when adding new products to a coupon)
Fix: Fixed various issues with the XR Product Manager importer
Fix: Fixed a server error when receiving product rating alerts
Fix: The Member Statistics blocks for "Most licenses" and "Amount spent" now requires the "View any licenses" moderator permission
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