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Unmaintained Dark & Red Theme 2.2

No permission to download
I loved this style I wish some one would upgrade it to 2.2 I would but sadly I don't know how..What would be the process to upgrade it?
Perfect theme for my zombie forum. Only one flaw to it, categories inside categories are a tad messed up, Hopefully we can get that fixed, so I am giving it 5/5
Great style that is ready to use and has a great dark style to it. Perfect for certain themes/sites that need that ominous feel to them. Thanks for sharing your own creation DOA!
Excellent looking skin. However, editing the skin at, I can see just how poorly its programmed. So much of it is hard coded into EXTRA.css and simply does not use the XenForo style variable system. It makes this skin a major hassle to customize. The amount of CSS edits in general is mind-boggling, when this skin is really just some minor style variable changes.
This is just awesome. Very nice design. I would also like to see its white version if possible.
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