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Unmaintained Daily Statistics 1.3.5

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A massive thanks to @Brogan and @Chris D for support in getting this working with CTA Featured Threads.

This update provides compatibility with CTA Featured Threads, and additional placement for Widget Framework.

CTA Featured Threads page:

Supported Widget Framework locations
  • forum_list
  • thread_view
  • forum_view
I've also added in an additional conditional check, so if there are no new members today, then the overlay link is not available.

Update Instructions:
  • Download .zip file
  • Extra and Upload contents of the upload directory
  • Install with the supplied .xml file
Latest update now takes into consideration banned members, and members not approved on the Forum Home list. It will only show a list of members who are Valid and not banned.

As requested by @BamaStangGuy, I've added a class to each of the stats on the forum home block.

I've made a few changes to some of the code, and added new options to enable the removal of specific stats on the Forum Home block


I've also split the options into their own section, so ACP and Forum Home are separate.
As requested by @Stuart Wright, this now has an overlay for new members in both the ACP and Forum Home

Fixed small issue with double underscore in variable name used on Forum Home.
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Adds the 2 missing phrases, and an option to enable / disable "ACP Active Users"
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This fixes a bug where I was using the same variable name as the pagination and causing it not to load correctly.
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New update allows you to enable Showcase stats if you have @bobster65 's add-on installed (this is disabled by default)


It also includes the active users for the past 7 and 30 days in the User Stats section
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The daily stats from today are now cached via a cron entry that runs at 11 minutes past the hour (picked a random time)

When you first install / update to this version, the daily stats for today will be 0 until the cache is filled on the first cron run.

You can manually run it yourself if you want after install.

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Bug fix to allow people to run this who don't have Resource Manager installed.

This adds a new option which disables the stats for the Resource Manager unless you set it to Yes

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