[cXF] Horizontal message user info

[cXF] Horizontal message user info 1.7.9

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These bugfixes are for version XF 2.3:
  • bugfix for online and offline indicator
  • bugfix for drop-down icon
  • compatibility fix for XenForo 2.3
  • compatibility fix for XenForo 2.2.13
  • CSS fix for online/offline avatar
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  • replaced some code in the LESS template (less code, same functionality, better targeting for different thread view types)

*XF 2.2 version only
  • added phrase for User change log for better logging:
Screenshot 2021-01-07 at 18.51.35.webp

*XF2.2 version only
  • added extra options for User info extras in vertical view (icon, hover, always show): if a user chooses to have a vertical view, you can set these settings separately
Screenshot 2021-01-04 at 19.05.03.webp

  • added extra class when using the vertical view (for easier customization if needed)
  • removed the option for conversation view - now it is as the thread view is (horizontal or vertical view)

*changes are only for XF2.2 version
  • bugfix for conversation view

*XF2.2 version only
  • NEW: user option in the account preferences
Now you can set permissions to add the user option with check-box in account preferences. That way you add your users the ability to have a horizontal message user info view or default vertical.

By default, it is set to horizontal view. That way you're not affected if you won't give your users an option to choose in account preferences.

To add user option to account preferences don't forget to set permissions:

It's worth noting that it has to be enabled in style properties for the style too.

With permission set to Yes, you'll get this in account preferences:


(text is phrased - check hmui_option and hmui_option_hint phrases)

Database changes

This update adds extra column (cxf_hmui) to xf_user_option table in database. This is required to store the settings for each user when using the user option in account preferences. When the add-on is uninstalled, the column with data is removed too.

*note: this update is for XF 2.2 only. For XF 2.1 nothing has changed.
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