[cXF] Enhanced Search Forum Widget

[cXF] Enhanced Search Forum Widget 1.0.0

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Q: How to set up a widget in i.e. Forum list: Above nodes display position?

If you already know how to set up a Search node and Search forum widget, you can skip to point 3. Just make sure to use Expanded in the Display style.

1. Set the Search forum node

For the Search forum widget, you first need to set up a Search node. In the admin section, go to Forums > Nodes and click the button Add node, then choose Search Forum and Proceed.

Search nodes are very handy as you have a very detailed configuration and you can create interesting thread blocks and highlight the content you want. You do not need to show search nodes in the forum list, but you can use its threads with the forum search widget.

2. Create a Search forum widget

In the admin section, go to Appearance > Widgets and click the button Add widget, then choose Search Forum.

Set the unique Widget key and write it down. You'll need this key in settings for this add-on later.

Optionally you can set the Widget title.

Set the Display position. We'll choose Forum list: Above nodes, but you can use any position you want or even use the widget code to show the widget on a custom page node.

In the Display condition, you can use conditional statements to show this widget for instance only to admins, mods, registered users, specific user groups or guests.

Now select the Search forum you have created before.

Use Maximum entries to show this many thread blocks.

Make sure to use Expanded in the Display style otherwise, the thread blocks will not show as article previews. You can optionally display the widget title above the list of threads.

3. Enter the widget key in the add-on style properties field

Go to Appearance > Style properties > [cXF] Enhanced Search Forum Widget and enter the search forum widget key in the appropriate field.

You can add it to Widget style 1 or Widget style 2. You can use up to three different search forum widgets for each widget style configuration.

Configure the thread blocks to suit your needs.
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