search forums

  1. Wildcat Media

    Enhance the search in Search Forum nodes

    While trying to set up some search forums, I realized that the search terms entered for the title are taken literally: We have several cases where we want to feature discussions on a popular person who might belong to a group, yet we can only use one search term here. For example, if someone...
  2. findozor

    Search forums filter logic (AND/OR)

    Im using search forums and love this functionality but found some issues that imo dont let me use it how i want 1st thing is tags - when adding few tags for example red and blue i suggest to filter and show threads either having red or blue tag or both tags together. right now adding few tags...
  3. Kruzya

    Search nodes (categories)

    Something like search forums (introduced in XF 2.2), but for resource categories. This can be helpful, if you have a category for plugins and you want create "subcategories" for plugin types ("Administration", "Fun", "UI" and etc) with "auto-filling" by tags (for example).