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[cv6] NodeIcons 1.0.0 RC1

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Just created my first AddOn for XF2, yes!

It was a part of my training, and maybe someone find it useful.

With this AddOn you can change the displayed icon for every (standard) node, like forum, category, link and page. The Icon will be displayed instead of the default icon.



This AddOn works with the default Theme, if you change essential parts of the theme in your own styling, there may be changes to the template mods neccesary.

You can activate, if the nodes should be displayed in the admincp as well, and there is a breif icon preview n the settings.


Just uplaod the content of the zip file, and install the addon inside the Admin area or with console.

Have fun and tell me yout thoughts and ideas to improve this sneaky addon.

Ideas from my side:

Display the Icon inside the heading on the page/forum display.

Have fun!
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Latest reviews

Work as expected, easy to configure.
It take's me just few minutes to configure all my icons like I wanted.
Thank you !
Works perfectly, very nice to have a personalized look to forums instead of the same icon for all of them.

Thanks for sharing this!
I am using this on my live site and happy with it.

Its a good addon developed by you and i love it to have on my forum.

Thank You