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Unmaintained custom buttons in taigachat 1.0

this extension serve to add 6 customizable buttons at the top of his taigachat

  1. aZoTe
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.2
    • 1.3
    © Copyright InfinityDream.fr
    • Author : aZøTe
    • Related Resource : Taigachat
    an image of the 6 buttons :

    the 6 buttons are customizable in Style Properties here :

    everything is in French, I'll explain what's what :)

    is the title of the button ;)
    this is the text that will be returned in the shoutbox when you click on the button ;)

    This is the otion to choose whether the message will be sent automatically or not, for it sends let alone sendShout(); if you want to enter the message manually, delete its contents and save ;)

    everything is in the same order for each button ;)

    future update : select groups of users that can see each button.
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