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Unmaintained Copy Thread 1.0.0 PL1

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  • Author Author ragtek
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  • The copied threads hadn't a first_post_id set.
    Because of this, you got an error while any moderation of the thread( e.g. setting prefix, moving thread, renaming it,etc....)
    this is fixed now!
    While the upgrade, all "wrong" threads will be rebuilt, so you'll not lose any data.

    I really apologize for this.

  • also another minor design bug was fixes
  • New Feature => the thread copying will also be recorded inside the mod log
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  • Fixed an Bug with the File Health Check
If you never used the file health check, ignore this update:P
Otherwise just upload the new package.
You DON'T NEED to upgrade the addon XML.
  • Added a ability to set a thread prefix for the copied thread
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