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Unmaintained Convert Threads to Resources 1.0.2

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
Additional requirements
Resource Manager 2.0.3+
MIT Licence
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This add-on allows you to convert the first post of an existing forum thread into a resource manager resource. The newly created resource will be posted under the original thread starter and will retain the original thread date. The first post of the converted thread will be updated to link to the newly created resource.

All attached images will be associated to the newly created resource. The first non-image attachment will be converted to a resource manager attachment. Any additional non-image attachments will not be converted and will no longer be accessible!

In order to convert a thread to a resource category, the resource category must have at least the allowed resource type option of "Fileless".

Converting Threads
An individual thread can be converted by clicking “Thread Tools” and selecting the “Convert to Resource” option.

A batch of threads can also be converted by selecting them and then selecting the “Convert to Resources” option. (Only Admins and Moderators can use Batch convert)

Image attachments from the converted thread appear in the resource

This was a private add-on developed by @truonglv
First release
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Latest reviews

Still works on the latest version, saves me alot of time. Underrated addon, made converting my forum to an resource based forum much easier.
Very nice add-on, free and easy to use. No bug, working good with XFRM 2.1.2. Thank you @truonglv for this free add-on ! ;)
Just started to test. Working great. Easy to use and very practical if yo don't want to spend time for greating resourse from existing threads. Thanks for this FREE addon.
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