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Convert Image All 6.8

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I just restored a back of a few forums in one database that has lots of linked images. Convert Image All is saving me a lot of time converting these links to attachments. Thanks mate 5 stars.
Nice work. A little something is on the way from PayPal to show a small fraction of my appreciation for what you've done.
I totally agree with @Movie Prop Sites. We have 20 million posts going back to the year 2000, and this add-on is single-handedly rebuilding our threads by restoring photobucket images. Thanks to AndyB we won't ever have this issue again.
If you don't install any other add-on to your platform... I know that sounds like a cliché but seriously, this is a LIFESAVER, especially in the light of Photobucket's recent policy changes. One of the worst ways in which a forum becomes irrelevant and useless is to have threads with broken images. This add-on ensures you never have broken images again (if they weren't lost already). I wish I had this add-on 10 years ago.
Awesome plugin! I like having posted images local and this does exactly that! You do need decent hosting with the ability to install new modules. Andy helped me and everything is great! Thanks!
What a fantastic idea! One of the biggest problems with forums is that any information involving photos becomes useless if the poster removes the photos from the host or changes the url. Having the images hard wired into the forum will ensure that they stay there for future guests. I can't tell you how many times I click on a forum in searches only to find the information I need, but that it's now useless because the photo is gone.
Great addon and great support, totally recommended. I just changed from MetaMirror addon to this one.
Great addon! :) I have forum since 2006 so I have a lot of broken images. With this modification, I can host images in my VPS and I don't have to worry about the rest of the images .
With the cron-job feature you don't have to do anything. It converts every image itself. Great addon and GREAT support :)
Excellent AddOn that allows Admins to convert all external pictures to local pictures. No more lost pictures or dead links. Awesome support.
Amazing addons: a must have to any long term community project. Works great in large boards with permanent help and support from author. Highly recommended!
Superb addon. What to say about Andy and his addons which is not said before. Excellent service and superb support. Thanks Andy!
Great add-on, and combined with Andy's other Convert Image add-on this is helping us move CycleChat to https:// whilst retaining all the externally linked images. Converting them to attachments means we keep them on our own server and our visitors benefit from the CF edge caches for our domain.
I nice add-on which embeds an image, which keeps images from showing up as dead linked images. Nothing worse them reading a post with dead images.
This is an excellent utility that keeps images from external sources on my site. Images are very important to the site as without them they would render threads useless.
Simple yet effective tool to download and host al external images locally. Ensuring that your forum is able to display images without having the fear that they will be removed from an external host.

Tool works also in Windows / IIS environments, but needs soms small changes.
Does the trick like it should. Now I can sleep at night knowing that any important pictures that depend on external services, will be kept on my website and will be present in my backups of that website.
We have a very old forum (15+ years) where the history and the past are very important. With this ESSENCIAL resource we could attach all the still existant old images to the topics. The images are the first thing to get lost, so we're very very satisfied with the addon (and his brother, the Convert Image)
Like many of Andy's addons this one is also absolutely mint. Helps keeping your forum history ok, by making sure the pictures stay there. Excellent work!
This is an excellent utility, as are so many other add-ons Andy creates for this community. I have gone through thousands of images stemming back 15 years. This is an essential. Thanks Andy.