Conversation Improvements by Xon

Conversation Improvements by Xon 2.3.0

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Simply superb. I really appreciate your plugin and all it's components. Conversations is lacking this kind of functionality, for sure. Again, thanks for all your hard work putting this together and sharing it with us non-coders.
Conversation search makes a huge difference. I find this a very important feature. This is another awesome add-on from Xon and highly recommended.
Worth it alone for the ability to search conversations.

Incredibly handy on forums that see a large amount of private conversation chatter, or have allowed users sales.

For admins/moderators it's a godsend to be able to search conversations, given you get so many in over time.

NOTE: This does NOT allow you to search conversations unless you are a part of that conversation.
The search feature is just something I can't live without as I have tons! It would be awesome if in the future there was a way to "star" a conversation so that it stays on top until you can respond ;) Thanks for another great addon!
Been using this plugin by XON on both my XF1 and XF2 installations since the beginning, simple to use and simply works! Nice work
Very handy for preventing replies to Conversations instead of just only being able to prevent users from starting new ones. Search is great, too!
I've used this for over a year on a large forum with over 20 million posts. It's been working with no problems. I use it for the ability to search conversations, which is pretty important.