Conversation Improvements by Xon

Conversation Improvements by Xon 2.3.0

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  • Require XenForo 2.2+
  • Improve handling of leaving/joining conversation and the impact on search.
    This will require re-indexing conversation messages.
    • When a user joins a conversation, ensure they can search that conversation
    • If a user leaves a conversation, do not return it in search results.
  • Code style cleanup
  • Use strict equality checks
  • Force global namespace for functions which are known to be optimizable to bytecode in php
  • Remove unneeded SV/Utils bundle from redistributable, removing from hashes.json
  • Fix that deleting a conversation did not remove history items
  • On install, Cleanup xf_edit_history table of orphaned conversation entries
  • When "Allow conversations with no one" is enabled, also allow users to explicitly start a conversation with their self
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  • Require XF2.1+, remove XF2.0 support
  • Do not disclose conversation title history to conversation starter unless they explicitly have permission
  • php 7.4 compatibility update (Requires XF v2.1.3)
  • Compatibility update for Conversation Essentials v2.1.0+
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  • Add "Count Conversation Likes/Reactions to user totals" option (default enabled).
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