Control "nofollow" URLs

Control "nofollow" URLs 2.2.3

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Resolves a potential fatal error.
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Recently a performance issue was reported related to the removal of nofollow from signatures.

This hasn't been reported before, so it may be related to another add-on or it may be some other underlying issue not related to any add-on.

But, as a precaution, this version removes that feature. This means in terms of signatures the behaviour reverts to the default which is all signatures will be nofollow.

On balance, as the default in XenForo is for signatures to be hidden from guests, having anything other than nofollow is pretty pointless.

You can download version 2.2.0 if you decide the signature functionality is crucial or the performance issue doesn't affect you.
With the latest version, Resource Manager resource descriptions now follow the same rules as threads and posts.

If you allow someone to bypass the nofollow attribute, this now applies to the Resource Manager also.
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Thank you so much for donating. It is always appreciated!

The groups that are set up to bypass nofollow URLs now have the nofollow attribute removed from signatures also.