Content Ratings for XF2.1+

Content Ratings for XF2.1+ 2.4.0

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  • Importing Smilies no longer requires a category.
  • Changes for importing Smilies and adding Default Rating Types;
    • Can skip duplicates (identified by title)
    • Is atomic, any error aborts adding the batch.
  • For large tables, when use instant add column support if possible rather than giving up.
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Feature update
  • Emoji support! (requires utf8mb4 support)
    • Supports text/unicode, and converts emoji short codes :cry: (with auto complete) into unicode representations.
    • emoji-picker.png
    • emoji-config.png
    • Emoji are text, so you may need to adjust the relative size depending on themes. Default images are ~22px, and the emoji font-size of 1.5em gets a single character on the standard theme & font to near that size.
  • New SQL-based importer
    • Off-line only, the forum can't be modified while the migration occurs.
    • CLI only, as it runs blocking SQL which takes nearly hour at a time.
    • Vastly faster for large datasets.
      Test forum with ~11.1 million posts, ~14.8 million Post Ratings, ~18.4 million Likes; it took 3.6 hours compared to an abandoned +16 hour import test run with the standard importer.
  • Update standard importer to reduce long running memory usage
  • Update installer code
  • Ensure HTML attributes using phrases are escaped properly
  • For rating type restrictions, Setting "Blacklist by user group" to all no longer sets "Whitelist by user group" to all instead.
  • Change criteria rating ratio step value from 0.25 to 0.001
  • Support upcoming XF2.0.10 feature to avoid erroring when a Like/Rating can't be rendered.
  • Ensure unused permissions are removed
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  • Improve compatibility with UI.X-based themes
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  • Adjust alert templates so superfluous errors are not generated when viewing alerts/news feed when the add-on is disabled. Take #2
  • Fix incorrect template for the 'sending alerts' per content rating type option
  • Fix compatibility issues with 3rd party themes & add-ons extending the public control section of posts
  • Adjust rating content action to permit 2 digits of ratio
  • Prune alerts when removing uninstalling
  • Allow alerts to actually be disabled per rating type
  • Fix content rating ratio criteria
  • Fix 'Illegal string offset 'id'' if clicking through the user critiera without selecting some fields
  • Add missing "Rating Tooltip Delay" style property, fixes that the on-hover menu being virtually unusable
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