Content Ratings for XF2.1+

Content Ratings for XF2.1+ 2.4.1

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  • Fix that given/received setting on user criteria where flipped
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  • Fix viewing alerts from non-extended content types which have a non-viewable reaction
  • Fix viewing reaction list for non-extended content types
  • Ensure various overlays with reaction counts are not cached
  • Fix reaction ratio criteria with fractional values
  • Fix case where users with no reactions did not have their reaction counts incremented
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  • Fix 'members who reacted' popup not respecting visibility flag
  • Fix category ordering being ignored in various reaction lists
  • Add "View reaction list" permissions
  • Add "View non-visible reactions" permissions
  • Fix creating new reactions
  • Fixes for XF1.x Post Rating importer
  • Php 5.6 compatibility fix (Cannot use SV\ContentRatings\Entity\ReactionCategory as ReactionCategory because the name is already in use)
  • Fix "Allow rebuild operations to reduce a user's reaction counts" option
  • Fix how user's reaction cache is updated using json functions, if a user was reacted to before the user recieved/given tasks had been run, the reaction totals would be reset.
  • Fix requiring Reactions always requiring an image replacement url take #2
  • Fix phrasing around "Display message user info reaction counts as a bar" style property
  • Fix "Display message user info reaction counts as a bar" style property
  • Ensure new installs kick off user given/recieved count summary rebuilds
  • Adjust validation logic around css icons & image replacement, so image replacement can be removed
  • When a user views their own reaction summary page; link to list of reactions for each reaction
  • Fix "[TypeError] Argument 1 passed to SV\ContentRatings\XF\Entity\Post::isRatingVisible() must be an instance of SV\ContentRatings\XF\Entity\Reaction, null given"
  • Fix that the XF Reaction cache data was unexpectedly changed
  • Do not show Like content data rebuild task if there are no "like" content types.
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  • Now XenForo 2.1 compatible, but requires dropping XenForo 2.0 compatibility.
  • Integrates with XF Reactions system, but applies previous UI extensions and behavioural changes.
  • 'Like reaction' option has been removed.
  • Requires data-migration for XF2.0 installs, updating posts can be slow!
  • XF1.5 upgrade code paths largely untested.
  • Some style properties may not yet be ported
Recommended upgrade path;
  • If XenForo 2.0.x, upgrade to Content Ratings v1.3.15
    • Upgrade XenForo 2.1+
    • Upgrade to Content Ratings v2.x+
  • If XenForo 2.1.x, note; may require fix of reactions!
    • Upgrade to Content Ratings v2.x+
Expired licences & licence extensions.
  • Valid licence holders who had their licence expire between 2019-01-01 and 2019-06-09, will have their licence expire in September.
  • Valid licence holders who had their licence expire after 2019-06-09 have received an extra 3 months on their licence.
  • Compatibility fix when extending javascript
  • Improve upgrading from old versions of this add-on
  • Fixes for the installer being run on an XF2.1 install
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  • Fix installer recreating title column as preparation work for XF2.1 upgrade
  • Fix add-on icon in XF2.1
  • Fix importer where ratings without an explicit name do not display as options when mapping Post Rating to existing Content Ratings
  • Fix error saving a Rating
  • Fix XF2.1 upgrade support, dummy title column is required when upgrading from XF2.0 => XF2.1 to avoid data loss