Content Ratings for XF2.1+

Content Ratings for XF2.1+ 2.4.1

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  • When rebuilding reaction totals, skip content types which do not correctly define the entity content_type_field according to XF conventions.
Note; The 2.4.x branch will be the last version line to support XenForo 2.1, with future feature updates requiring XenForo 2.2+

  • Fix incorrect visibility change of some extended reaction entity methods
  • Do not trigger style cache invalidation when editing reaction categories or reactions which do not touch attributes used in css.
  • Remove duplicate breadcrumb entry when editing a reaction
  • Add date range criteria to restrictions, with filter to exclude/include reactions which are disabled by scheduled start/stop
  • Fix inactive but visible reactions not displaying in the reaction list or as being given correctly. Requires content to be reacted to to update caches
  • Rename various whitelist/blacklist phrases to allow/deny terminology
  • Fix "allow by content type" restriction did now show human-readable content type name
  • Add "deny by content type" restriction
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  • Fix server error when attempting to extract svg dimensions when using SVG templates
  • Fix support for content types which implement the "Like" handler instead of "Reaction" handler
  • Work-around for 3rd party reaction implementations which are not structured as expected
    • On rebuilding reaction data, this add-on skips reaction_class_handler entities which do not have a linked entity entity
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  • XF2.2.7 compatibility fix where reacting content with a non-active but visible reaction does not display
    • Rebuilds reaction cache's for content only if this condition applies to them
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  • When attempting to update image dimensions for Core Web Vitals, improve extracting svg dimensions
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  • Force global namespace for functions which are known to be optimizable to bytecode in php
  • Support storing height/width for non-sprite images, as to avoid page reflows and improve Core Web Vitals
    • Helper method fetches the public reaction images and extracts height/width as required
    • If using Svg Template, recommend Svg Template v2.3.2+
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  • Fix that "small" and "medium" reaction icon css was not implemented (ie reactions in alerts)
    To revert, edit sv_contentratings.less in your default style and remove the &.sv-rating-type--small { ... } and &.sv-rating-type--medium { ... } blocks
  • Fix "XF template" feature did not save a value
  • Support Svg Template add-on (free) in "XF Template" feature.
    Entering a template name ending in 'svg' (ie example.svg) will render as a link instead as an inline template
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