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I like to offer my forum users lots of choices for styles and I got tired of using custom themes only to find they broke with new versions of Xenforo because the designer hasn't updated yet or doesn't update anymore. This addon alleviates this by adding a new feature to the included default style in Xenforo; a color switcher.

  • Choose one of 8 color schemes (Violet, Blue, Cyan, Green, Pink, Red, Grey, Brown).
  • Colors switch without a page refresh.
  • Choice is saved even when you close browser window.
  • Ability to set the color scheme to be random (each page view, per session or configurable days).
  • Enable random color scheme by editing line 5 and 6 of "/library/ColorSwitch/styleswitch.js".
  • Only works with default style (you may be able to get it to work with other styles, but it might make them look weird).
  • Changes done to the default style will not carry over to the color schemes.
  • If you're using advertisements next to the logo, the placement of the Color Switcher might mess them up.
  • Increases page size by 648KB because of the extra CSS and Javascript files.
Planned Features:
  • Make it easier to add your own color schemes.
  • Choose different locations for the Color Switcher to display.
  • Configure random color scheme from admin panel.
  • Reduce size of CSS.
Note: This addon works with XenPorta and Resource Manager. It probably wont work with other addons that add new css declarations.

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