Collaborative Threads

Collaborative Threads 2.7.4

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  • Minor code cleanup
  • Fix possible type error when editing a threads collaborators
  • Fix error when view a thread's collaboration settings which contain a deleted user
  • Support for upcoming content tagging related add-on.
  • Fix option "Thread list: use separate query to fetch collaborative thread user information" for Watched Threads which are only visible because of collaboration
  • Add option "Thread list: use separate query to fetch collaborative thread user information" (default enabled).
    MariaDB 10.4+ and MySQL 8+ tend to not handle joining from large tables to very small tables well when BNL joins are used.
    This option adds an additional query but avoids potentially catastrophically bad joins.
    See the FAQ for more information
  • Add support for User Essentials v4.1.x's "Edit post friction options in own thread" permission
  • Improve analyze thread permissions feature
    • Fix incorrect handling of integer permission values
    • Fix collaborator permissions where being added when the user wasn't a collaborator
    • Fix compatibility with User Essential per-thread permissions with per-thread opt-out
    • Update view permission to denied if the user is banned
  • Add php 7.2 type hinting to various methods
  • Vote Tally v2.4.x+ support
  • Fix "Allow edits from collaborators" on thread creation
  • Add support for using inline mod tools to add/remove post collaboration
  • Add "Collaborative thread permissions" Analyze permissions tool which allows inspecting a user's permissions in a thread, and is reply-ban aware. Supports thread reply ban teeth
  • Fix collaborators editing Vote Tally's scheduled votes feature
  • Fix thread starters not being able to view post history on posts they can edit
  • Support thread starter/Collaborators viewing thread title history if they can edit it (Requires Threadmarks v2.8.1+)
  • Require php 7.2+
  • If installed, require Vote Tally 2.2.0+
  • Now depends on Standard Library by Xon
  • Support XenForo 2.2+
  • Include missing permission category & moderator log phrases