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Unmaintained CKFLASH Video File Media Embed CK-F-1.0.1

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What this is not.

This is not an easy solution and I don't provide any examples that you can test directly yourself.

What is this for then?

This will allow you to hotlink to other video sites that serve up files for download and embed them using the BB Code Media Site options in your Admin Control Panel.


I had come across a video site and I had been trying to embed the videos without any success until I realised that the site was serving up .flv files and embedding them with a flash player in the page.

The site had pages with urls like this


But after looking at the source I found the the actual video was being served from

The hardest part was figuring out a configuration that worked for the HTML embed code.

Who's this for?

This is for you if you're a naughty little bandwidth hog and you've found a video file serving site that you can make match embed codes for.

This is based on Flowplayer, I have not modified any of the files from Flowplayer.

Why no examples?

The site I have been working on this for is highly NSFW, linking to it from here is a big no no. If you would like to PC me I can send you an example URL.

Instructions as included in readme.txt
Install instructions.
1. Extract all files
2. Upload the folder named 'CKFLASH' to your forum root directory.
That was easy.
Finishing touches.
1. Login into your admin control panel and navigate to 'BB Code Media Sites'
2. Click on 'Add New BB Code Media Site'
3. Fill in all fields using the details you've gathered from 'your' video file source. 
  (You'll have to to your own homework for your sources)
4 Have a look at the text file named 'media.txt', it contains embed HTML that works, update all paths appropriately.
5. Test your embed.
6. PROFIT???
paypal =
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Exactly what I needed, and what I could not work out myself! Thanks for sharing this.
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