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Chat by Siropu 1.25.1

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Perfect chat software and amazing developer with outstanding support! Highly recommend! A+++ Thank you!
This is the best chat add-on that I've tried on any platform. My forum ran for almost 7 years on vBulletin 4 before converting to XenForo, and during that time we tried nearly a half dozen chat solutions. Some were passable, others were very buggy. A few were very unpopular with our members. But Siropu's chat is a massive hit. Our members absolutely love it. This is the best of the best.
Siropu Chat is really full featured. There is no competition. The chat runs smooth on my big board and my members like it a lot.
On my site lives Siropu Chat
A million chatters and their buzzing thoughts
And so addictive is this -ware
My poor brain it slowly gnawed ;-)

Thank you so much for your fantastic product and your excellent customer service, Siropu )))
Great chat add-on. I would say it is more than add-on! It's like another functionality of website, integrated with a forum function.
If there are many users 1000+ - it must have for any kind of forum.
Best chat for xenforo hands down.

The only thing I think that could compete with this is an embedded and fully integrated discord.
I consider Siropu one of the best add-on developers for XF. I've encountered very few - if any - problems with his add-ons. Any bugs are fixed very quickly. Siropu is also very helpful and kind, and always goes beyond what is required from him.

Previously I used TaigaChat Pro which is miles behind Siropu's Chat. They are not even in the same league.

Siropu's chat makes the community more lively and contains a lot of features for the price (amazing really).

Thumbs up!
have used many chat apps and this is the one wish i would of came here first and saved money support is great too
This addon ruined my website. It's the only feature that is used 95% of the time. They all want real-time engagement and this plugin gave them what they wanted. Threads and other areas of the site seem to function as an archive now. This is so good that I have decided to rebuild my site and cater to this type of environment. This lets me see exactly where people wanted to spend their time. Thank you for developing this! It made the previous chat add-on purchases seem like a foolish mistake. A lesson learned...
This is by far the best addition to each of my websites. If you have a chat, or plan to get one, download this addon.

I've used cometchat for years, and this is much better. They're aren't even in the same league as Chat by Siropu.
This is by far one of the best add-ons I've installed! The customization is endless and support from developer is superb.
Highly recommend...great support. Answered conversations promptly and in the end was my own negligence
Best chatbox addon for XF you could possibly fine. I was a big fan of Taigachat but I couldn't see myself shelling out an additional $40 a month for an addon that's not as feature packed and easy to manage. Thanks again for the great addon. Definitely worth the money!
This is the perfect complete solution for a fully customizable chat on xenforo ! Well worth the price. Thanks !
A very well-developed add-on. And the support for this add-on is remarkably outstanding! Keep it up!
Great improvements on the chat, I really like the image feature and the mute and unmute setting.
Upload image is also very nice and handy for noobs who always ask in our chat were can we upload image. :D
Excellent add-on with a huge amount of options. Had a little issue but I received INSTANT support which solved my problem. Absolutely recommended and totally worth its money! Thank you, Siropu!
Very slick add-on, seamless integration, responsive layout, a lot of features and easy install. Great support by the author.
I downloaded and installed Siropu's chat last night but didn't get around to enabling it until this evening. Our users, starved for chat, jumped in with both feet and it was like they'd been there forever. This is a "must have" if you want chat capability on your Xenforo forum. Easy and straightforward to install, set up and so far the administration is a breeze.
Oh Boy! This was simple to set up, and was just as easy to use. It has all you want in a lightweight chat system.
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