Change Limit

Change Limit 2.0

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Andy, what's your problem?! You provide us with all these great necessary addons!

This one is no exception; was JUST what I was looking for. Thank you!!
This add-on I was ever looking for! Awesome! Thank you!
This is a perfect add-on for every forum! Very often, especially for an upcoming event, a user may need access to EDIT their own thread past the default time limit you've declared in XF. So you can now easily extend that expired timeframe for just a single post at a time.

My only problem with this add-on was re-locating it after I read it's description a month or so ago. I kept searching for 'Edit Time Limit', or 'Edit Expiration' and could not turn anything up. LUCKILY, I finally tripped across it again! If you're reading this, save yourself the effort of finding it again and just install it now.
Another masterpiece from Andy!
Awesome. This was needed :D