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Broganbot is a green and gray 1.1.2 skin mostly influenced by but not as customized. It does not use the exact same colors or design as it was only created in honor and remembrance of Brogan, one of the most resourceful moderators any site has ever had. This theme can be used without the TMS but to make use of the the Brogan template modifications in this theme that are listed below, you must install the TMS (Template Modification System) by guiltar. This is the first theme posted for the TMS and was created with this guide.




1. Download the zip file attached and upload the contents of the folder called Upload to your forum root.

2. Go to AdminCP/Styles/Import a Style and Import either file located in the Broganbot by T8L folder. The file names that don't have the initials TMS are independent from the TMS. The files called TMS-Broganbot are the styles that require the TMS to show the template edits below:

Thread View Titles as URL Links so that when you are in a thread you can click the thread title and it will lead you to the first post of the thread.

Add Trophy Icons - Brogan's awesome Trophy icon's mod.

Separate Permalink Share Links - Instead of clicking on the permalink to open up sharing services, you click on the link that says Share. This is not phrased so phrase it if you have multiple languages installed.

Custom Thread Prefixes - I added pink and purple to your thread prefixes cause I know what the ladies like.

WYSIWYG Rounded Buttons - This rounds the buttons of the TinyMCE editor.

Invisible Members CSS - Adds a character to invisible members.

Poll Block Enhancement - I can't even remember what all this does, I just know I got it from an old Brogan and Shelley thread.

Green Like Button CSS - For those of you who are not using Post Ratings.
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