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Broganbot by T8L 1.0

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The8thLegion submitted a new resource:

Broganbot by T8L (version 1.0) - A light green and gray theme with TMS versions included.

Broganbot is a green and gray 1.1.2 skin mostly influenced by but not as customized. It does not use the exact same colors or design as it was only created in honor and rememberence of Brogan, one of the most resourceful moderators any site has ever had. This theme can be used without the TMS but to experience all of the enhancements that is listed below, you must install the...
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Lol I thought this would be a modification that would put a Brogan (XenMod) in the Staff Online Now sidebar 24/7 :D
Hey that's a really great idea! When I get home I'm going to see if I can turn this into a modification with the TMS system.

I just thought of another idea too. I could add his Random Quotes mod to it but using nothing but his own random quotes.


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Can you make the unread forum icon more obvious that there are new discussion's in it?
Sure. I made those icons without Shelley's photoshop template cause I don't have photoshop right now. When I get photoshop I'll reupload new icons.