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Unmaintained How To Use Google Feedburner To Send Your Threads To Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr

How to use Google Feedburner to maximize your sites SEO through it's RSS feeds

  1. DRE
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    This was originally posted on my site as a private blog to show my members how to maximize the potential of their Better Blogs. This tutorial not only applies to blogs but it also applies to your sites' forum's RSS and...
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Recent Reviews

  1. kontrabass
    Awesome guide. For forum admins like me that just don't have time to babysit facebook and twitter, it's a lifesaver. I'd never used feedburner before. cool. Ok, thanks!
  2. Ludachris
    Was searching the forums for hours trying to figure out a way to do this... thank you. Working good so far.
  3. MattW
    Thanks for the guide. I'd not thought about any of this until you mentioned it the other day. Set up and working last night for my site.
    1. DRE
      Author's Response
      It's all good. I never felt like posting it before until you said you never set your Feedburner up. Hope this helps.
  4. Shelley
    Nice guide and will no doubt be beneficial to the community. Thanks Dre.
    1. DRE
      Author's Response
      Your welcome Shelley :D