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Unmaintained [bd] Tag Me for XenForo 1.3 3.2.0

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Great, although sometimes groups dont get tagged or an alert that they were tagged, I have 100+ reports of this from various users in various groups that are flagged as taggable.
I have no idea why I didn't install this sooner. I guess I thought users would abuse this and tag the mods all the time. Not so- only usergroups with permission, can tag usergroups set as taggable. Works great, finally I can tag all mods or admins without going down the list!
Great update and great add-on. Very useful for contacting large groups at once with group tagging :)
Brilliant extra functionality to the now core tagging system. Only suggestion would be to add a rebuild button to the ACP to automatically run the query in post #1590, which enables email notifications to all existing members upon being tagged.
good job
Great addon, just what i needed!
Excellent. Very useful for tagging a group of people. Thank you!
New feature is perfect :D
The new feature in version 3.0.3 is amazing, reorder the tagging list for show first the most active members :)
Big Vietnamese Person! Thanks!
Thanks, great resource :)
love it! working fine
Wow, fantastic addition to our site!
Handy tool ! Installation with Wendigo's Add-On Tool worked well !
Great little addon, very handy. And the easiest way to make sure all members see any site announcements/updates.
Great! Thanks!
Group tagging should be a core feature. Thanks!
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