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[bd] Paygates 1.5.2

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  • Added pagination for buyers page
  • Updated to use PayPal TLS IPN
  • Improved support for PHP 7
  • Added daily version checking from
  • Bug fixes
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  • Added delete buyer feature
  • Added option for commercial local upload (XenForo Resource Manager)
  • Improved support for subscriptions
  • Improved support for PayPal
  • Bug fixes
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1.4 (released 18-11-2013)
Added better support for custom currencies
1.3.2b (released 07-11-2013)
  • Added availability check before returning list of supported currencies
  • Added added parent::renderHtml check
  • Added check to revoke purchase permission for guest
  • Added nicer purchase button for resource (XenForo 1.2+ only)
  • Added buyers tab for resource
  • Added add-buyer button
  • Added support for XFRM 1.1
  • Added support for custom currency in resource edit form
  • Updated to use template modification for XenForo 1.2 instead of replacing account_upgrades template completely
  • Updated logging to consider rejected as failure only
  • Fixed bug rejected transaction id without prefix

1.3 (released 01-07-2013)
  • Added support for [bd] Shop (*hint hint*)
  • Added routine to delete user purchase records upon user deletion
  • Improved duplicate transaction handling
Payment for resource will goto the one and only account configured in the AdminCP, not the poster's account.

Demo: you can go to my website to test purchasing any of the available add-ons via PayPal or BitPay. Registration and license validation is required, sorry for that...