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Unmaintained [bd] Paygate: AUTHORIZE.NET 1.2.0

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I've been using this on my Thunderbird Forum for six months. Works great. Also, like that users can use paypal or credit card. I renamed the phrase pay with to pay with Credit Card because most users don't know what they means. Also, this doesn't have a confirmation page after they pay which could confuse users.
The add-on does what it says it will. Doesn't cancel, but thats an issue with the gateway API. Hopefully that will be fixed by soon and then we can have that. But the add-on itself does the best it can. Good work.
Excellent and robust addon for users who need something else other than PayPal. Keep up the good work!
Excellent alternative payment method for the default Paypal. Have been testing/using this for months and it works as it is designed.