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Unmaintained [bd] Forum Watch for XenForo 1.2+ 2.1.1b

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Very usefull addon. All of moderator are now alerted when thread are created in specifiq forum. I don't have to ask them to watch forum now
Excellent add on, an absolute must for my forum
Amazing One. I was wondering why this functionality is missing from Core Files. Cheers !!
Wonderful share. This should be part of out-of-box xenForo featureset = Kudos! :)
Thank You!
One of the addons you should totally install!
This is a feature that should have been part of XF, but isn't. I'm glad that Forum Watch is here -- and even happier that the author implemented a change I suggested. That's the Always Notify About New Reply option. I recommend this add-on without hesitation. It's essential for my forums.
It's useful, but there are some cases where I'd like to force a watch but still allow users to opt-out based on their account preferences. Could we get an option for that?
Just what I need for my board. I like that feature.
Can't believe I missed this one. Excellent. Thanks for sharing!
Really needed this mod - works great!
Excellent, Thanks! If it weren't for your addons, many people may not have decided to use XF. Thanks again! :)
With the no user opt-out group watching forums feature and the "Promotion Message by Waindigo" add-on it's an excellent way to automatic introduce staff members with new staff members.
Thank you.
Great stuff. I would likely not be using XF were it not for this resource.
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