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Unmaintained [bd] Forum Watch for XenForo 1.2+ 2.1.1b

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It's useful, but there are some cases where I'd like to force a watch but still allow users to opt-out based on their account preferences. Could we get an option for that?
Very usefull addon. All of moderator are now alerted when thread are created in specifiq forum. I don't have to ask them to watch forum now
Thank You!
Great stuff. I would likely not be using XF were it not for this resource.
With the no user opt-out group watching forums feature and the "Promotion Message by Waindigo" add-on it's an excellent way to automatic introduce staff members with new staff members.
Thank you.
Just what I need for my board. I like that feature.
Really needed this mod - works great!
Can't believe I missed this one. Excellent. Thanks for sharing!
Wonderful share. This should be part of out-of-box xenForo featureset = Kudos! :)
Amazing One. I was wondering why this functionality is missing from Core Files. Cheers !!
Excellent add on, an absolute must for my forum
Excellent, Thanks! If it weren't for your addons, many people may not have decided to use XF. Thanks again! :)
This is a feature that should have been part of XF, but isn't. I'm glad that Forum Watch is here -- and even happier that the author implemented a change I suggested. That's the Always Notify About New Reply option. I recommend this add-on without hesitation. It's essential for my forums.
One of the addons you should totally install!
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