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Version 3.7.2 released
  • Style properties updated (thanks to Xon)
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Version 3.7.1 released
  • Sanitize some string in option of admin side to avoid XSS breach (Thanks to Julien from RCE Security for his POC)
Version 3.7.0 released

The version on Github had several modification during the last months, mostly about how some Bb Codes will react to be responsive in a more efficient way. There had been also some fix for some of them.

Considering all of this, this version is released as the 3.7.x branch.
Version 3.6.5 released
  • This update requires at least the version 3.1.0 of the BBM: it's using the uniqid function of the formatter (will improve performance)
  • JavaScript update for the Responsive layout for the tabs BbCode:
    • Supports tabs nested in tabs
    • Supports responsiveness when the tabs are hidden (from a parent element)
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Version 3.6.4 released
  • Responsive layout for the tabs BbCode
    Thanks to Xon


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Version 3.6.3 released

This update requires at least BBM 2.8.2

  • bimg tag compatible with the XenForo 1.3 image proxy option
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Version 3.6.2 released
  • The gview Bb Code should now be compatible with google docs; be sure to "publish" them online first (ref)
  • One phrase changed
  • The bulk Bb Codes xml file has been updated to disable the autolinking for the gview tag (thanks to teletubbi)
Version 3.6.1 released
  • Fix the move event script on mobile devices
  • Fix the images width of images comparison mode (using now the block width instead of the real images width)
  • add an option to select how to load the move event script
  • add an option to disable the fallback caption
  • add a function to resize the compared images according to the main parent elements (useful for small screens)
  • modified the images comparison script integration to allow to use their unminified version when the developer mode of the addon is enabled
P.S: in the next update, I will rewrite the English phrase for the disable fallback caption option. It's terrible.


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Version 3.6.0 released

This update requires at least the version 2.7.x of the Bbm

  • Bb Codes formatters modified to use the helpers of the last version of the Bbm addon
  • Spoilerbb tag improved - thanks to @ZeZeene
  • New features for the bimg tag:
    1. can disable the lightbox
      Use the option: no-lightbox
    2. can set a parent link instead of the one use by the lightbox (this will disable the lightbox)
      Just insert an url as an option in the Bb Code options
    3. can compare two pictures thanks to the script twenty twenty ; some magazines use a similar script recently to compare pictures with and without pollution
      Just insert a new img url or img attachment id in the Bb Code content that will be separated with the first one by |
      • If you want to enable the vertical comparison (instead of the honrizontal one), just use the option:
        diff-v or diff-vertical
      • If you want to set the cursor position use the option diff-pos:xx ;
        xx being a number between 0 and 1 (0.1 will make the cursor on the left, 0.9 on the right)

P.S: sorry for the example, next time I will choose another one.


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Version 3.5.2 released

  • Requires the last update of the Bbm (min: 2.6.2)
  • All Bb Codes must be updated, so import them (xml files in the extra directory) with the Bbm Import function

What's new:
  • Fix Slides Bb Codes when they had inside them a Bb Code that was using the html noscript tag (important to do)
  • Compatible with the Bbm new functions
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