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Ban disposable email hosts

Ban disposable email hosts March 2018 Update

No permission to download
Compatible XF 2.x versions
MIT License
5,872 temporary (disposable/throwaway) domains to get rid off.

Navigate to the Banned emails page.
Admin Control Panel → Users → User discipline → Banned emails

Click on the Import button and select the banned_email_hosts.xml file that is included in the zip archive.


This list is derived from the MIT-licensed mailchecker by FGRibreau and disposable-email-domains by andreis.
Updates should happen on a once per month basis.
First release
Last update
4.67 star(s) 6 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Major update [March 2018]

    Includes 1322 new disposable e-mail domains from andreis/disposable-email-domains, including...
  2. Commit 2269b38: Add 2144 hosts from ivolo/disposable-email-domains

  3. Commit 4390633: Add 10 new domains from temp-mail.org

    + ax80mail.com + balanc3r.com + c1oramn.com + cobin2hood.com + crymail2.com + hitbts.com +...

Latest reviews

I would have loved this --- bearing in mind XenForo's inadequacies in this area --- but I got one of those cutsie Oops warnings, which said: 'All banned_email values must be unique.'

I daresay there were addresses already listed in the filter on this old, but new to XenForo, forum; but tolerances should be loose enough to *allow* duplicates instead of stalling the install. No-one is going to manually cross-check 3000 odd addresses with 3000 odd other addresses.

The author is excellent. It is XenForo screwing up.
I remember I had this exact issue with an older XenForo version myself, but I can no longer reproduce it on v2.0.2.
On my installation, any existing banned email records remain unchanged and no error gets returned. Any email that didn't yet exist is also properly created.

If you face this problem on the latest XF2 version and would like me to troubleshoot it, please send me your current list through a private conversation (you can use the Export button to generate the XML file).

Thank you for taking the time to review this resource!

EDIT: XenForo v2.0.3+ got this issue fixed :)
For more information on what caused it, see: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/banning-an-email-throws-error-when-the-administrator-attempts-to-re-add-it-by-using-a-modified-case.144074/#post-1231296
The largest, most up to date disposable email list, formatted for easy importing. Can't beat that! Thank you for this
It's pleasing new users also find this resource helpful. Welcome to this community Anomandaris and thank you for taking the time to review it!
Thanks for this Alex! Another sweet tool to fight spammers. The default Xenforo tools are nice too but this helps a lot.
Happy you've found it useful Ruud, thank you for reviewing it!!
Thank you! Good work. This is necessary for a good forum. No need to make this work. Thank you again!
Glad you've found this resource useful Yan, thank you for 5 star'ing it!
Holy ^!@?, This is amazing! I appreciate this alot, I didn't know I needed this until saw this post. I know eventually its going to help my community and crack down on spammers/fake accounts! Again, I very much appreciate this!
Thank you for your awesome review CakeArmy_max. I really hope it does help on that!
Excellent Work, Its save my lot of work. I am highly recommended this XML for xenforo Banned emails multiple importers.
Thank you for your kind review Nirjonadda. To answer your Resource Discussion question, this resource will be receiving updates whenever an upstream update occurs in the mailchecker repository.