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Unmaintained Advanced Styling Rules for XF1 v1.0.4

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This XF1 add-on is no longer maintained as my current focus is on developing XF2 related projects.
— Advanced Styling Rules

This add-on offers an advanced styling system that allows you to assign specific styles to any page you like.

- You may find it useful if:
  • you have any site locations (like often visited/popular threads) that could get some extra love
  • you need to apply different styles for different devices and/or systems
  • you own more than one domain that points to one XenForo installation and could use different styles for each one (please make sure you don't violate the terms in the XenForo License Agreement) [1]
  • you are a style designer who likes the idea of displaying sneak peaks from your alpha/beta-stage designs (something that could possibly result in valuable feedback)
  • you would like to display custom pages/messages/advertisments for specific search terms
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Latest updates

  1. Bugs removed, libraries updated.

    Updated MooTools to the latest version. Fixed a fatal bug. Open sourced (GPL-3).
  2. Blank page fix for secure connections (SSL)

    The bug was caused by an obfuscated JavaScript file, hopefully everything is well now. Thanks...
  3. v1.0.2 Changelog

    TapaTalk Compatibility Fix (thanks Calamity James!)

Latest reviews

works great for mobile redirect :)
One little addon that is extremely useful and powerful. Thanks for the great work AlexD
Excellent addon, required it to change mobile users style.
completely awesome. way better than the mobile style switcher that was released earlier
Thanks for the update.
Excellent. Just what I needed to point mobile users in the direction of the mobile style!
Works great! Thanks!
Quality work as always.
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