Avatar Identicon by Iversia

Unmaintained Avatar Identicon by Iversia 1.2.2

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Provides a fix for the popular unique_key error that surfaced with a newer version of XenForo (<1.5). This upgrade is not needed if you are running an older version.

I am still not happy with how this add-on overrides core XenForo functionality, as the chance of collusion with other add-ons is still quite high.
Ought to stop those pesky certificate errors.
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You can now select RoboHash as one of the Identicon options.
This change should fix most issues regarding other avatar add-ons that make use of custom (uploaded) avatars. Thanks @xfrocks!

Please note that it still won't fix all potential conflicts, specially if the other add-on is also modifying the core Gravatar settings.
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Fixes a small issue that would crop up occasionally where instead of avatars, it would display a broken/improperly loaded image.
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Adds unique avatars to the current visitor/online list for guests based on their unique key.
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Fixed folder structure
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