Attachment Improvements By Xon

Unmaintained Attachment Improvements By Xon 1.1.3

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  • Fix inserting recent attachments on click
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  • Image dialog functionality improvements.
    • Allows selecting recent (image) attachments.
    • Can upload attachments.
    • Respects upload/attach permissions.

  • Improve width/height extraction
  • (optional) Rejection of invalid SVG with an error message.
  • Support for applying SVG restrictions to previous attachments via the deferred task.
  • Remove 'use' tag from the bad tag list (for now).
  • Workaround for attachment eTag being mangled into a weak eTag (Cloudflare has been seen to-do this).
  • Cleanup permissions on uninstall.
  • Set SVG thumbnail dimensions correctly.
  • Support SVG attachment thumbnail resizing.
Note; on installing this version the SVG Attachment Thumbnail resize operation will be started to correct any existing SVG attachments thumbnails to respect the thumbnail attachment dimensions.
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Automatically uninstall old 'SVG Attachments' and 'XAR Attachments' add-ons.