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Unmaintained Aperture // xenfocus.com 1.4.x

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This template is awesome! I need to play with it a little bit but I am really liking the style and blurred background. Gives the forum a little edge. It looks great
I don't know why this design doesn't have more reviews and feedback, but it really should. This layout has dramatically improved my forum aesthetics that it is unbelievable. Aperture is absolutely sleek, elegant, and classy, and for a great price too. It is smooth, slim, and has a great and modern interface. My forum users love it and our rivals are even jealous of our layout! I'm not even sure why Xenforo doesn't use Aperture as its default design when it really should consider the idea. Anyone reading this should definitely consider this investment, because my forum visuals have improved thousandfold (literally) by switching from Uniform to Aperture. I am so glad that the developers have made this layout and I wish it definite success. The developers are responsive as well, so that's a plus. Will look forward to more from these designers. Thank you for all your hard work and for a great design!
I absolutely love this template. Ehren has been there to answer all my question on customizations. Great service, worth every cent!
Thanks very much for the feedback, glad you're enjoying the theme! :)
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