[AP] Style Suite

[AP] Style Suite 2.9.5

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  • [Cleanup] Use traits for the public controller settings
  • [Cleanup] Create macros for certain style settings (colors, glows, bold/italic/underline)
  • [Cleanup] Massively reduce JS & template code required for the previews to work
  • [Cleanup] Use traits for templater functions
  • [Cleanup/Fix] Revert to old postbit injection method - postbit container is now limited to the width of the user info block, rather than the entirety of the message container
    • Use backdrop-filter() instead of filter() now that it's enabled by default in Firefox
    • [Fix] postbit text color not fully applying in conversations
    • [Fix] Text-shadow postbit option should ignore user banners
    • Should help with images being stretched / misaligned, but not solve it entirely
  • [Fix] Sites CSS can break if a gradient color type was chosen but no colors were inputted
  • [Fix] Glows default to "None" when the user has actually chosen "weak"
  • [Cleanup] Create macro for admin font/sparkle/preset/frame controllers
  • [Cleanup] Set fixed sizes for items in sparkle & postbit preset controllers
  • [Cleanup] Create uploadUsernameIconImage() and uploadUsernameIconImage() instead of duplicating code between public & admin controllers
  • [Fix] "index.html" can appear in frame/sparkle/font/preset dropdowns
  • [Fix] Column "ap_frame" does not have a default value when trying to register an account
  • [Cleanup] Replace blank space item in frame/sparkle/font/preset dropdowns with "None" to be more intuitive
  • [Fix] Sparkles are not defaulting to selected choice in custom title controller


  • Fix "Please enter a valid ID" message when editing a profile block
  • Fix avatar frame list not appearing in the dropdown of the admin user editor
  • Create sizemaps for postbit & username icon upload services
  • Create disable Custom Post Style checkbox (currently ignores default bbcode option until a future update)
  • Hide tabs in admin user editor if relevant style option is disabled
  • Clean up apPostbits registry column during uninstall
  • Fix Call to member function isUpdate() in certain conditions
  • Create style property for handling width of sparkles ("auto"/"max-content")

Known issues​

  • Certain images are resized oddly when using ImageMagick and (possibly) certain versions of PHP
  • Incompatibility with Username styles and Chat 2's tagging feature
  • Incompatibility between "background-image" effects like Inner-Text animations, gradient colors
  • Fix various bugs regarding "Default BbCode" setting
  • Improve Custom Title & Username style previews
  • Fix Cannot call method canChangePostbitStyle on a non-object if a user who previously set a posted is now deleted
  • Return early during "populateEntity" post upgrade functions if the tables already have contents
  • Fix issue preventing upgrades from 2.8.0
  • Rebase admin controller
  • Fetch username icon path from cache instead of entity
  • Fix Primary key is compound but non array ID given
  • Fix Call to member function getPostbitUrl() on null
  • Restore uploaded postbit images
  • Fix Unknown getter ap_postbit_style
  • Stop rebuilding the Theme cache each time an asset attribute (hidden/special) is set, instead do it once at the end of the process
  • Convert Username blob column to entity
  • Allow using BbCode tags for a default post style
  • Fix Attempted to convert NULL to string/binary [background]
  • Fix postbit text color not showing in posts
  • Rework postbit & username icon uploads to behave like profile banners
  • Fix upgrade issue related to users with postbit background image URLs longer than 90 characters.
If you did not encounter issues upgrading to 2.8.0, or do not have the "Postbit Image URL" option set, you can skip this version.
  • Some postbit schema changes
  • Create admin option for round or square frames
  • Create radio buttons for profile BG repeat
  • Create radio buttons for profile BG: Color or image
  • Allow customizing of scrollbars in profiles & groups
  • Add color gradient effects for usernames / titles
  • Create box "position" option
  • Fix Call to undefined method getParam() when editing a Social Group
  • Fix issue regarding fresh installs & uninstalls, and also upgrades if one has [tl] Social Groups installed
  • Cleanup Setup.php
  • Stop using assertViewableGroup() and use $parent->getParam() in Truonglv\Groups\Pub\Controller\Group
  • use bulkSet() in actionIgnoreStyle()
  • Create "custom profile blocks" feature - ensure you set the correct permission!
  • Add !important flag to users bold setting