1. apathy

    [AP] Style Suite 2.11.10

    This addon allows users to customize the appearance of their username, custom title, posts, postbits, profiles, and tooltips, by a "Style settings" link to the Account Details section. Users can also choose a frame for their avatar from this page, or if the admin has chosen a default avatar...
  2. hirowatch

    Elegance 2

    hirowatch submitted a new resource: Elegance 2 - Light style in red and blue tones for XF 2.x Read more about this resource...
  3. hirowatch

    Unmaintained Elegance 2 1.0 beta

    Stretched style of Elegance 2 with some modifications. The style was created based on the style from the first branch Demo
  4. Doom PhD

    XF 1.5 Where is the option to change the color of the tabs on the Notable Members pages?

    I've found most of the spots to change colors, but this one is eluding me. Thanks!
  5. Apodictive

    XF 1.5 Child style & image change question

    I'm new to the admin side of XF and have a question regarding child style. I am going to make some changes to a style so I know it is best to create a child style so my changes won't be lost in an upgrade of that style. However, if I want to change some of the colors of the images/icons (in...
  6. adwade

    Two Styling/Customization Questions...

    1)In vB3 I was able to create several child styles of the Default and then simply EDIT a block (i.e BODY-Standard CSS Attributes: Font Size) in each one to change the FONT size of all the text displayed on a page. The Default was 10pt, and then I created one-each for 13pt, 15pt and 20pt...
  7. drastic

    MG 1.0 Change bg color in thumbnail container?

    Hey @Chris D , How can I change the background color of the area behind the album/image title? Or change the link color so that we can see it. Thanks.
  8. TheLaw

    XF 1.5 Prefix colors inconsistent, grayed out

    This one is a challenge. If you change the prefix colors in thread_prefixes.CSS .prefix.prefixOlive { color: #663300; background-color: #deca8d; border-color: #663300; } you only get to see the result of the change on the front end of the forum, when they are being used such as when...
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