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[AP] Style Suite 2.11.9

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Amazing addon and support. I had an old version of the addon and apathy helped me upgrade it when it was causing errors. One of the best there is!
This is very easily one of the best add-ons for XF.

If you're nostalgic for the days of Myspace and early Youtube which allowed users to personalize their pages with custom CSS, backgrounds, and colors, this add-on is for you.

I've seen this add-on in action on other sites that aren't my own, and on every site, the users love it.

The developer is friendly and inhumanly fast at responding to bug reports and other inquiries. You should give them your money, because developers like this make the Internet a fun place to spend time on again.
Well to start off, I would like to say the customer service is amazing. What you look for in biz. Fixed an issue, without getting frustrated with the problem. Fixed the issue the same day also. Great price for an add-on that has so much packed into it. So you can really hook up your profile pages and wait that's not only it. Thank you for creating this add-on cause it really is amazing.
A really fun, engaging, and well-made addon. Recommended to those who want to reward their users with some eye candy. Had a minor issue and the dev released an update the same day fixing it.
Glad to hear your issue was resolved, thank you very much for the kind words!
This is the coolest add-on ever! It lets your members customize lots of stuff like Postbit, username, profile style, custom titles, etc.! There are a tonne of options and lots of choices such as avatar frames, sparkles, glow effects, color, animations, and more. You can also add your own custom content for everyone to use. The author tends to fix issues in less than 12 hours no matter what the problem is, and is friendly and polite. Thanks!!
Am I allowed to review twice? 12 hours after saying they'd update with accessibility options, they did. Oh my gosh. THANK YOU.
I'm glad you're happy :D Let me know if you run into any problems.
Our community already looooves the features that comes from this. Before now, perks for those who support the site had to mostly be hard-coded in with css by me. with this, that's a thing of the past, it saves so much time for me and our supports LOVE the full control and they've only had it for a short time.

I made a suggestion regarding accessibility in this thread as a passing request and the dev immediately supported it within 24 hours (we have no choice but to stan an accessibility-friendly dev!!!) and started planning to include it in a future update.

Top knotch dev, the kind you can only hope for with xenforo addon devs.

Thank you so much.
One of the best ways to reward your users with personalization perks. Let your active and loyal community members stand out with this add-on.
Everything is behind permissions, making this perfect for user upgrades.

Very frequent and major noticeable changes/features are added to make this even better. Apathy takes suggestions seriously, which is a huge plus.

Communication and support are amazing. Almost always instant replies and provides constructive support. Helps you through a reported issue and makes sure the add-on works as it's intended to.

Overall, the add-on is worth more than asked for. If you need support, you sure will get that. 10/10
Thanks a lot for the kind words, and for always reporting the bugs you encounter! It helps make the addon better for everyone!
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