[AP] Activity/Longevity Meters

[AP] Activity/Longevity Meters 1.0.5

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  • Add Member Stat for "Highest activity"
  • Position percent text directly in center of progress bars, regardless of bar width
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  • Fix "Unknown getter" error if [AP] Style Suite is not installed
  • Allow admins to disable longevity meter
  • Allow admins to disable activity meter
  • Add GPLv3 license
  • Add support for [AP] Minimum Characters for Post Length
    • If the above addon is installed, activity meters will be affected by the same character count checks the addon provides.
  • Fix meters no longer being styled on profiles
  • Stop calling to ap_progress_bars.less every post
  • Style "Activity" and "Longevity" text if [AP] Style Suite is installed
  • Add admin option to change the timeframe shown in activity meters tooltip text
  • Improve tooltip text of both meters
  • Make member_view template mod less strict so it will apply on more 3rd party themes
  • Allow admins to exclude nodes from counting towards activity meter
  • Only reset a users meter if their activity is >= 1