[AP] Activity/Longevity Meters

[AP] Activity/Longevity Meters 1.2.1

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  • Remove 2 unused template modifications
  • Replace "Forum start date" admin option textbox with a Date selector
  • Fix Call to a member function fastUpdate() on null
  • Clean up admin options page with headers
  • Add admin option to display meters in member tooltips
  • Add explanation text that dates should be formatted as "Y-m-d"
  • Gracefully reject "Forum start dates" that are not in the format of "Y-m-d"
  • Fix missing member stat
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  • Turn progress bar style properties into CSS properties so its easier to style the bars without template editing
  • Create a bar height style property
  • Use min() to limit percentages to 100%
  • Create permissions for being able to view each meter - make sure you set them or the meters wont appear!
  • Extend user entity and create calculateActivityPercent() and calculateLongevityPercent()
  • Allow admins to configure the start date for longevity
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  • Various cleanups
  • Add support for [OzzModz] Post Comments
  • Create option validator to automatically reschedule activity meter reset job when the "timeframe" admin option is changed
  • Rebase off recent version of [AP] Style Suite
  • Fix bar CSS not being loaded in conversations
  • Stop using floor() to round percentages
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  • Strip commas from activity & longevity percentages
  • Add admin option to include comments in counting towards a users activity percentage
  • Support [UW] Forum Comments System
  • Unset SimpleCache entry when uninstalling
  • Return parent in adjustUserMessageCountIfNeeded()
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  • Add Member Stat for "Highest activity"
  • Position percent text directly in center of progress bars, regardless of bar width
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  • Fix "Unknown getter" error if [AP] Style Suite is not installed
  • Allow admins to disable longevity meter
  • Allow admins to disable activity meter
  • Add GPLv3 license
  • Add support for [AP] Minimum Characters for Post Length
    • If the above addon is installed, activity meters will be affected by the same character count checks the addon provides.
  • Fix meters no longer being styled on profiles
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