[AP] Activity/Longevity Meters

[AP] Activity/Longevity Meters 1.1.3

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I like the addon, although I would love to be able to modify the size, width and height of the measurement bars, would it be possible to do this? in my forum when activating the bars they look too big and long.
Thanks a lot for the review. Right now the only way to change the size would be to modify the ap_actlong_progress_bar.less template and change the height of the class ".ap-al-progress-bar" from 30px to whatever you wish. I can add a style property in a future update that will allow you to control this easily from the admin panel.
The plugin is great but doesn't work on some member groups. There is no option in the permissions section either. can you help me
Works perfectly/as intended and helps enrich our community - thank you for developing this add-on, Apathy. :)