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Unmaintained All Rich Usernames 1.1.0

No permission to download
Works on 1.5 also!
Thakns a lot, this is truly a great addon that I have been searching for - for some time now!
I love it! Thanks so much for making this, does everything it says it should, plus its s free. I wish this was a core feature in XenForo.
A huge example of something that should be core. Core implementation would save quite a few queries and considering it supports username styling why not? But this does exactly what it says it does and the only solution needed.
Awesome add-on! Works like a charm. Thanks!
Thanks exactly what I was looking for.
nice and helpfull. Thanks!
Makes it simple to use the custom colors everywhere without having to edit individual templates.
Worked like a charm! Great work!
better than the previous rich usernames addon thank u
Nice and useful addon. You need to register on authors forum, but thats OK :)
Very nice- works as expected.
Very nice plugin!