Alert Improvements by Xon

Alert Improvements by Xon 2.10.10

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  • Fix incorrect phrase for default alert type in admincp
  • Fix new alert types could be opted out by default instead of opt-in
  • Fix user's alert preferences may not save with some configurations
  • On alert opt-out list; only render "reset" checkbox for non-default values
  • Fix setting "Alerts page skips summarizing" in "User Registration" to false wasn't applied to new accounts
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  • Fixes for grouped/summarized alerts
    • Group by newest alert not oldest when computing alert summary data
    • When gluing together per-content type reaction summary, use ", " not just whitespace.
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  • Fix unsetting "Pop-up auto-read" for some XF stock alerts would fail to be respected when those alerts are generated
  • Fix "getSvAlertPref(): Return value must be of type array, null returned" when adding a user via the admincp
  • Force a consistent mysql locking ordering of affected user records when a user receives a reaction
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  • Fix adding a user via the admincp could result in a php type error
  • Fix alerts grouped by user could occur event if the alerts by a user was less than the configured threshold
  • Fix new installs did not migrate alert preferences
  • Fix migrating alert preferences would block the installer
  • Fix alert preferences where not respected during alert migration from stock to add-on configuration
  • Adjust text around the alert pop-up marking alerts as read behavior
  • Use a separate css class for the recent alert marker
  • Convert confusing named "Alerts pop-up does not mark alerts as read" checkbox to "Alert pop-up read behavior" with the options: "Always mark alerts as read"/"Never mark alerts as read"/"Use per-alert configuration"
  • Add style properties "Show recent/unread alert icon on alert" and "Unread/Recent alert icon", disabled by default (previously was enabled)
Thanks to @NamePros for sponsoring this update.
  • Work-around surprisingly expensive add-on live-ness join when fetching alerts and instead filter by content_type
  • Fix some bad index selection for newer MariaDB/MySQL versions for various parts of the add-on
  • Fix some bad performance when using the 'unsummarize' feature
  • Fix bad links for profile-post summary alerts
  • Fix formatting of alert summarization threshold option not being a numberbox
  • Fix summary alerts could have a "G" as the user avatar for alerts which aren't attributed to a user
  • Style compatibility fix where the day-selector on the alerts page could be forced onto a new line
  • Rework alert summarization feature to be more performant and use less memory
  • Rework alert preferences
    • Cleanup various phrasing and add more explainer text to hopefully be less confusing
    • Add "Alerting preference defaults" option
    • Add simplified interface for alert preferences (no alerts, use defaults, use custom).
    • Add per-alert "Alert bell read" option to alert preferences which allows setting if each individual alert is mark-as-read when viewed in the alerts pop-up
  • Add support for summarizing XFMG reactions alerts
  • Add support for summarizing post quotes alerts
  • Add support for summarizing user followed alerts


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  • Fix "Alerts pop-up skips mark read" and "Alerts page skips summarizing" user-options did not save as expected
  • Fix "Alert resummarize flood check" global option didn't allow selecting 0 to disable it
  • Fix regression in v2.9.0 where empty content summary alerts was being generated, and incorrectly preferring a per-user summary instead
  • Fix that editing alert preferences when summarization is disabled, would disable some summarization options
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