Alert Improvements by Xon

Alert Improvements by Xon 2.8.22

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  • Another attempt to reduce deadlocks during alert pruning
  • When editing a post, mark related alerts as read, as this displays changes in post contents to the visitor
  • If Live Content add-on is installed; only try to mark alerts as read if the visitor has unread alerts
  • Reduce possibility of deadlocks when pruning alert cleanup table
  • Fix summary alert pagination
  • Add CLI command "xf-rebuild:sv-alert-totals" to expose rebuilding alert totals job
  • Avoid updating alerts which are condinates to be pruned, this should reduce the possibility of the alerts cleanup tasks generating deadlocks.
  • Fix "Call to a member function keys() on array"
  • Fix that very old alerts could be shown in the alerts pop-up
  • Increase thickness of border between unread and read alerts
  • Force unread alerts to be preferred when fetching alerts in the alerts pop-up
  • Rework alert pruning to better scale for large & busy forums
  • Fix that alerts css would be injected after extra.less, which made styling difficult
  • Fix that mark read/unread would remove the checkbox on the alerts page
  • Push fauxBlockLink to be just around the per-template render to not overlap the minor info row
  • Adjust lock ordering to reduce/prevent deadlocks between the mark read/unread feature and inserting alerts
    • Note; this affects stock alerts as well.
  • Fix that mark read/unread would silently fail if an alert went away
  • Fix bulk alert toggle could be inconsistent compared to the individual alert toggler with how it manipulates is-read/is-recently-read/is-unread classes
  • Fix alert/unread/unsummarize alert did not displaying a UI on a GET request
  • Fix that clicking 'unsummarize' would reload page, now it removes the alert and updates alert totals
  • Add public account/alert route, allowing nicer URLs for alert specific actions
  • Rename various templates & phrases to be consistently named
  • Improve handling of alerts which are not viewable but are still counting a user's read count
  • Adjust locking ordering in markUserAlertsRead to hopefully be less deadlock prone
  • Add sanity checking to unread alerts page to automatically rebuild alert counts on no unread alerts being seen
  • Make global "mark read" work without a overlay or redirect to a new page, and reload alerts on the existing page when invoked
  • Handle alerts unviewed/unread being out of sync so trigger summarization
  • For reaction summary alerts
    • Ensure reactions have stable sorting (new summarizes only)
    • On generating summary alerts, ensure they are treated as just-read correctly in the UI.
    • On viewing details, Fix the new alert star was being put under the avatar incorrectly