Alert Improvements by Xon

Alert Improvements by Xon 2.9.2

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  • Require Standard Library by Xon v1.18.0+
  • Fix alert summarizing only triggered on +25 unread alerts instead of the user-defined threshold
  • Fix summary alerts in the alert pop-up would be pushed under the just read alerts as if it had been read a while ago
  • Adjust "Alert summarize limit" option description text to better describe what a limit of 0 does (ie no limit)
  • Fix "Alert summarization" option being disabled still showed user's preference options to configure it
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  • Require php 7.2+
  • Require XenForo 2.2+, remove XF2.1 support
  • Fix sticky unread alerts could unexpectedly occur due to (effectively undocumented) 'auto read' functionality in XF2.2
  • Fix confusion over view_date vs read_date not being correctly used in the expected places
  • Fix alerts pop-up not respecting "Days to retain viewed alerts in popup" option in all cases
  • Fix 'mark read' functionality could result in inconsistent view/read date for older alerts near the expiry period
  • Fix unstaller not correctly removing columns added to xf_user_option
  • Fix alert summarization/grouping may not trigger when expected
  • Ensure xf_user_alert.summerize_id column has the same column size as xf_user_alert.alert_id. If alert_id has been to a bigint, this may be an expensive operation.
    • The following SQL schema change is executed if the alert_id column has been manually changed:
      alter table xf_user_alert modify column summerize_id bigint unsigned  default null;
  • Use index hints to control poor index selection on some installs
  • Attempt to improve unviewed alert cleanup which can have issues when dealing with very large number of alerts
  • Improve UI.X compatibility
  • In Alerts pop-up, do not prevent marking alerts as recently read when they are read in that request
  • Add various styling options to control alerts styling
  • Add styling option to control if just-read-alerts from the alerts pop-up are styled as read or unread, and if to fade from unread to read.
  • Visiting the full alerts page no longer marks alerts as read by default, and removes the relevant per-user option ("Alerts page skips mark read").
  • Display an font-awesome icon (star with exclamation) on alerts which are unread with auto-read off, rather than a star for recent-ish alerts. With more correct hint text on both
  • Another attempt to reduce deadlocks during alert pruning
  • When editing a post, mark related alerts as read, as this displays changes in post contents to the visitor
  • If Live Content add-on is installed; only try to mark alerts as read if the visitor has unread alerts
  • Reduce possibility of deadlocks when pruning alert cleanup table
  • Fix summary alert pagination
  • Add CLI command "xf-rebuild:sv-alert-totals" to expose rebuilding alert totals job
  • Avoid updating alerts which are condinates to be pruned, this should reduce the possibility of the alerts cleanup tasks generating deadlocks.
  • Fix "Call to a member function keys() on array"
  • Fix that very old alerts could be shown in the alerts pop-up
  • Increase thickness of border between unread and read alerts
  • Force unread alerts to be preferred when fetching alerts in the alerts pop-up
  • Rework alert pruning to better scale for large & busy forums
  • Fix that alerts css would be injected after extra.less, which made styling difficult
  • Fix that mark read/unread would remove the checkbox on the alerts page
  • Push fauxBlockLink to be just around the per-template render to not overlap the minor info row